Both functions are accessed from the MEL script copyKey2.mel.


These functions behave almost identically to the Copy and Paste functions accessed from the Time Slider (in fact, 95% of the script is just copied and pasted from the Time Slider functions :).

What's different, though, is that these functions allow for "smart" pasting. There was a thread on the Maya Mailing List discussing the problem with copying and pasting keys within the Time Slider:

> how do you set it up so that if you cut and paste keys in the time slider,
> when you paste it doesn't offset all the keys after the one you pasted?

Using pasteKeys2 it is now possible to copy from the Time Slider, then paste without shifting keys.

Now you can scrub to a keyframe, use copyKey2, scrub to the new location, then pasteKey2. The key's value and tangents will be pasted at the new time without shifting the time values of later keys.

If you copy a single key (ie. with no highlighted range in the Time Slider), the Paste operation will replace only the key at the current time. If you copy a range of keys then the Paste operation will replace all keys from the current time for the length of the copied range.

Note that keys must be copied using copyKey2 for pasteKey2 to function properly.

You'll have to assign hotkeys (or a similarly convenient access) to these commands; they are not linked to the Time Slider Menus.