As best as I can find from Maya's documentation:

"Intermediate object ... specifies whether the dagNode is an intermediate object resulting from a construction history operation. dagNodes with this attribute set to true not visible and/or rendered."


This script will track down Intermediate node types and select them for you.


  1. Enter the command: findIntermediates

  2. The script will issue warnings for any Intermediate objects if finds; e.g.

    // Warning: polySurfaceShape3 is an Intermediate object //
  3. The script will select all nodes reported as Intermediate objects.

  4. Open the Hypergraph

  5. Graph -> Scene Heirarchy

    (This mode will be unavailable if the Hypergraph is already in Scene Heirarchy mode)

  6. Options -> Display -> Shape Nodes
    Options -> Display -> Invisible Nodes

  7. Edit -> Show Selected

  8. View -> Frame Selection

    (If nothing frames in the view, it's possible that your selection was canceled by a rogue mouse-click in the Hypergraph window; try running findIntermediates again.)

  9. You should now see the highlighted Intermediate objects displayed in the Hypergraph. Delete them, edit them, whatever, at your whim.

14 Jun 2000