Enhanced Channel Box menu


The generateChannelMenu.mel script replaces the default installed as:


WARNING! The contents of this function are originally from Maya v2.5.1. Beware replacing this function under Maya v3!

It adds several functions to the Channel Box menu:

Unkey Selected
Unkey All

These two additional functions allow you to use the Channel Box's context menu to delete a channel's key for the current frame/time.

Block Selected
Unblock Selected

These two set the nodeState attribute for the selected channel(s). The former of the two sets the attribute to Blocking, which disables animation on the selected channel(s). The latter sets the attribute to Normal.

Note: The Unblock Selected function will not preserve the nodeState attribute if it was originally set to Has No Effect.


This menu item is enabled for highlighted INPUT channels. Use this menu item to select the desired input node.

Graph Editor

Just a quick way to bring up the Graph Editor when you need it.

Related Scripts

The generateTearoffChannelMenu script is necessary to provide menus for the Tearoff Channel Box; it includes the enhancements described above.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2000