killExScriptJob is used to kill any script jobs that include the substring passed to this function.

For example, while myMEL is running, listing the current script jobs could include three generated scriptJobs:

133: "-event" "SelectionChanged" "myMELCallback"
134: "-event" "SelectTypeChanged" "myMELCallback"
135: "-event" "SelectModeChanged" "myMELCallback"

To kill these three jobs, enter the following:

killExScriptJob( "myMELCallback" );

It is a good idea -- one that will mean you will rarely, or never, need this script -- to always parent your scriptJobs to your main UI window. This will ensure that the scriptJob is deleted when it is no longer needed. For example:

$myScriptJob = `scriptJob -parent myWindow -event "SelectionChanged" myMELCallback`;

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Wednesday, October 18, 2000