My Shelf


My Shelf provides a floating, resizable, minimizable Shelf window. As my tearoffShelf.mel proved to be unreliable, this is an interim replacement.


My Shelf includes, by default, tools for quickly switching to the three component highlight modes, and for toggling between Object and Component Mode. Initially, My Shelf provides five buttons with the following functions:

This is a standard Maya Shelf. You can drag and drop icons to and from the main Shelf, and from or to the Shelf Editor.

A Popup Menu via the Right Mouse Button provides the option to Load or Save My Shelf. My Shelf will load the last-saved Shelf each time it is started.

You must explicitly save My Shelf, as it cannot save itself.

The saved shelf is in the form of an executable MEL script:


To restore My Shelf to its initial five tools, select the Revert to Default menu item. This will clear the My Shelf and create the five default buttons described above. It will not overwrite your saved My Shelf. To switch back to your previously saved My Shelf use the Load My Shelf menu item, or quit and restart My Shelf.

To delete a My Shelf item, use the Middle Mouse Button to drag it on to the "trashcan" on Maya's own Shelf bar.

My Shelf, as yet, does not support multiple tabs, nor the ability to tweak its contents using an editor similar to Maya's Customize Shelves panel.

Note: Tool Buttons are not supported. I tried, but dragging and dropping a Tool from the "Sacred Tools" tray onto the My Shelf is fraught with inconsistencies.


This script requires the abortTest.mel script (a safeguard during the legalizeString() function).

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8 June, 2000