I occasionally have the occurance where a camera can "go funky" on me and behave erratically while tumbling; the camera refuses to stay focused on the desired elements. For example, performing a Frame Selected would properly frame the selected object, as soon as I begin a Tumble the object disappears from view.

I narrowed this down to (possibly) a corruption of the camera transform's World Rotate and World Scale Pivots, but I haven't find a way to restore these to "normal" operation. So, I chose to simply replace the camera with a brand new one.


This script replaces the specified camera, copying the position, rotation and visibility from the original. All other attributes assume the defaults for a new camera.


replaceCamera «camera»;
Where «camera» is the name of the camera to replace, e.g. "persp".


replaceCamera persp;
// Result: Camera successfully replaced. //