After hiding and/or templating various nodes, I sometimes end up with a visible transform node with an invisible shape, or a shape that is templated while its transform is not. Attempting to show these objects can be a little tedious because toggling the transform node will not restore the shape's visibility. In this case it involves selecting the shape node, determining if it's visible, making it visibile if it isn't, and then doing the same for the transform. Too much time.



Makes all transform nodes visible.


Makes all shape nodes visible.

Visibility->Display Layers->Show

Makes all Display Layers visible.


Hides all transform nodes.


Hides all shape nodes.

Visibility->Display Layers->Hide

Hides all Display Layers.


Templates all transform nodes.


Templates all shape nodes.


Restores (un-Templates) all transform nodes.


Restores (un-Templates) all shape nodes.

Template->Display Layers->Standard

Sets the display type of all Display Layers to Standard

Template->Display Layers->Template

Sets the display type of all Display Layers to Template

Template->Display Layers->Reference

Sets the display type of all Display Layers to Reference

Visibility->Show Only Selected

Hides all unselected objects.


Scans all shape nodes in the scene file. If a shape node is invisible and if its immediate parent is a transform node which is also invisible, then the visibility for the shape node is restored.


This function follows the same process as above, but resets the template attribute.

The Clean function was, in theory, supposed to be more useful that it actually is. In practise, I found that in almost all cases the Visibility->Shapes->Show function was required, or at least did what I needed. But since the code was already written, I left it in.

Reset All

Restore and resets all transform and shape nodes to visible and normal status, and sets all Display Layers to Visible and Standard display type. This turns on all .visibility attributes and turns off all .template attributes.


The Show Only Selected function requires that you have the following MEL script installed:


Reload H2O MEL Scripts

Thursday, September 07, 2000